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HTML/Javascript shopping cart software - quick and simple e-commerce solution


Shopping cart software RapidShop benefits

Simple, easy to use and quick shopping cart

- Edit your shopping cart (products, prices, descriptions, settings) in MS-Excel 2000/2003 based interface and RapidShop will create for you all HTML and JavaScript files you need for your shopping cart

- RapidShop features the ability to display product listings throughout multiple pages depending on the user's preferences unlike many of the other solutions

- Intuitive navigation and logical shopping process that does not force buyers to create supporting customer accounts nor there is hassle of logging-in and/or page-reloading

GoogleCheckout and PayPal integrated shopping cart

- Original HTML/JavaScript technology integration and readiness for many financial clearance API's including GoogleCheckout, PayPal, E-Gold and Webmoney

- Optional integration with any payment gateway of your choice

Cost effective

Perfect for small and mid-size businesses RapidShop doesn't require any additional hosting resources and allows you to begin selling almost immediately without any additional expenses by using absolutely Free Limited Version of our Javascipt shopping cart (limitations: up to two categories, and up to 10 product listings; includes RapidShop add blocks and reference links), or upgrade Free Limited Version just from $99 per administrator.

Hyper-flexible, highly scalable and customizable ecommerce management program

- Easy graphic design layout integration and virtually unlimited customization capabilities

- Search Engine Friendly - clean HTML for your shopping cart and link indexation

- Order notifications delivered directly from shopping cart to your mailbox

- Unicode supported - build your store and display shopping cart and product listings in any/multi language

Clean HTML and JavaScript Frontstore

- Publish your JavaScript shopping cart to virtually any server, CD-Rom, or USB-storage

- No database, server-side scripts (PHP, ASP) required, nor programming expertise

- Test your shopping cart from desktop of your PC offline

Latest news

Semtember 12, 2008
RapidShop 4.3.6 - bugs with Mozilla Firefox 3 fixed.

July 13, 2008
RapidShop 4.3.5 - Mozilla Firefox 3 compatible.

May 7, 2008
New version RapidShop 4.3.4 - bugs fixed.

December 23, 2007
New version of send_mail.php (download).

October 21, 2007
RapidShop 4.3.3 - Windows Vista compatible.

Shopping cart examples

Shopping Cart - matrix by photos

E-commerce matrix - demo

Online catalog - rows by small photos

Product catalog rows with photo - demo

Shopping Cart - rows by photos

Shopping cart rows by photo - demo

Online catalog - rows by small photos

Product's catalog matrix by photo - demo

Shopping Cart - only rows without photos

Shopping cart only rows - demo

Online catalog - only rows without photos

Products catalog only rows - demo

Our clients sell by shopping cart RapidShop:

- computers, servers, laptos, monitors, software;

- chocolate truffles, chocolate bars;

- nursery stock and goods;

- boats, gifts, glass window masks and more.

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