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Shopping cart software Price for RapidShop


Single User LicenseStandardStandard + URL-reference release *
Up to two categories and up to 10 productsFREENO
Up to 100 product listings, unlimited categories$99$149
Up to 500 product, unlimited categories$149$199
Up to 1000 product, unlimited categories$199$249
Up to 2500 product, unlimited categories$249$299
Unlimited product, unlimited categories$399$449

How to buy shopping cart software RapidShop ?

RapidShop download package represents zip file containing all components of the system.

1. Download shopping cart software RapidShop and extract zip folder contests on user-administrator’s desktop, make sure that computer you are extracting files to is dedicated for ongoing operations and is same unit that will be covered by license agreement when desired to upgrade from Free Limited Version to Full Version and where license is to be installed.

2. Open RapidShop MS-Excel file, select Menu tab and proceed with purchase by pressing button “Buy”. You will be forwarded to the financial clearance with presently available following payment options: VISA™, MasterCard™, American Express™, Discover™, Dinners Club™, JCB, and online checking.

3. Your license and software activation code will be send within 24 hours to the originally indicated email address.

4. As your receive license and activation code, install your license by clicking button “Activate” from “Menu” worksheet of your RapidShop Excel file.

* - URL-reference release License

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