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What system and hosting are required for RapidShop?
Any simple and cheep PHP hosting. You can use hosting without PHP. In this case you can use our free script
MS Excel 2000/2003/2007.

How many products/categories can RapidShop handle?
RapidShop will support an unlimited number of products (if you buy unlimited license). We tested 10,000 products. Acorn Farms Inc. have in RapidShop Shopping Cart 350,000 products to sell.

How do I install RapidShop on my server?
Upload all files from folder "Site" into your server by any ftp-client (FAR, CuteFTP etc.) or by ftp-client or file-manager from your hosting.

What skills are required to successfully manage an online store powered by RapidShop software?
To manage your shopping cart (e.g. manage products catalog) easy excel usage skills are required - no programming and design experience is necessary. Design skills (basic HTML knowledge) are required only if you would like to change design of your shopping cart (redesign). This can be done in any HTML editor (e.g. Macromedia DreamWeaver, MS FrontPage, Adobe GoLive). Programming (html / javascript) skills are required only if you would like to modify Rapidshop source files (e.g. add custom features).

Where do we have to write our e-mail so we can receive the orders?
Open rapidshop.xls --> Settings-tab --> find "Enter default email to be used in payment system to receive orders" --> write your E-mail instead

Does the paid version come without the Google references at the top?
Yes. Of course.

What does it means "Standard + URL-reference release" license?
"Standard license" - your shopping cart have link to with the text "RapidShop" instead "Shopping cart software & ECommerce solutions Copyright (c) RapidShop, 2006-2010".
"Standard + URL-reference release" - your shopping cart don't have any links to

I would like to change the default payment method from Paypal - is there an option for this?
Open rapidshop.xls --> Menu-tab --> Click button "Payment" --> Select payment method what you want --> change "Sort_order" --> Exit. Click button "Update catalog and pages of site" in Menu-tab.

Is there any place where we can add the cost of the transport or any other cost to the costumer in the final invoice?
Open rapidshop.xls --> Settings-tab --> find "Shipping". You can add the cost of the transport per unit, percent from subtotal or fixed value. Click button "Update catalog and pages of site" in Menu-tab.

The texts are in English. Where should we change the language, in html or excel?
In Excel. Please open rapidshop.xls --> Inscriptions-tab --> edit yellow cells.

How do I change the design of my RapidShop ?
1. Adjust colors on sheet "Settings".
2. Edit file "site/tpl_pages.html" in any text and/or WYSIWYG editor, e.g. Macromedia DreamWeaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive.

How will I be notified of new orders ?
Whenever a customer buys from your web site, the shopping cart system will automatically email them a receipt and you a notification of the new order.

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